Religious School

The Shul School models love and compassion through the practice of peaceful problem solving, respect for others and appreciation of diversity. We are proud to provide a program rich in Jewish values that encourages the development of each child's individuality.  Sensitivity to the unique nature of each child guides the essence of classroom interactions.

The Shul School is not only a place of learning, but it is also a place for creativity and fun. There is no rule that says, "Hebrew School should be boring!" So many parents say that their religious school experience was less than enjoyable. While we are not here solely to entertain the students, it is extremely important that all the children enjoy the time they spend here.

The Shul School faculty is committed to bringing the love of Judaism to your children, in an appealing and pleasurable way. We are blessed to have such a talented staff that uses imaginative and innovative methods to educate and inspire our youngsters.

Linda teaches pre-school boys

Sara Esserman Melville and Rabbi Shoshanah are leading the B'nai Mitzvah group and are teaching Jewish History and Literature. For many of us that had a less than perfect Jewish education or were raised in other traditions learning Jewish history, values, concepts and ritual with the children is essential. B'nai Mitzvah children will continue to also need a private teacher to prepare for their special day.


Through songs, rituals, and the celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays, Jewish history and Hebrew, children begin to experience and appreciate their heritage.

Children will practice Jewish values such as tzedakah, honoring parents and grandparents, and respecting the environment.

Tefila (Circle) Time includes, music, singing, and prayer activities.

Throughout their years here, our students will learn about their culture and history. They will learn about holidays and traditions. And of course, they will learn Hebrew. But more importantly, it is our hope that all the students here will develop a strong sense of Jewish identity. The best gift our team of educators can give to these children is pride in their heritage.

Parent and Community Involvement  

Parental participation is an essential aspect of the success of our program.  Opportunities for classroom involvement will be available during the year. 

For a registration form and calendar with the dates of Shul (Sunday) School, please call Sara Esserman Melville, School Director and Principal at 463-2247 or write to Sara by clicking here.

Tuition is $100 per child for each semester. Tuition for families with more than two children is $75 per child for each semester. There is a Shul School Scholarship Fund for those who may need assistance. Families should not hesitate to register because of financial concerns. Please call Linda or David Koppel (707-485-8910) if you have special needs.

Karla's class makes Tzedakah boxes


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