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About Our Community

Kol HaEmek (Voice of the Valley) is a warm and welcoming religious community for those seeking new ways of experiencing Judaism. Along with our sister community on the Coast (MCJC, Mendocino Coastal Jewish Community) we have been serving the needs of Mendocino County's Jewish people since the 1970s. We are an extended family of people from diverse backgrounds, including interfaith and multicultural families, singles, seniors, Jews by choice, gays and lesbians, and participants in other spiritual traditions. We share times of joy and pain together, supporting one another in all seasons of our lives. While our members have varied levels of Jewish knowledge and observance, we all share a common desire to enrich our lives through Jewish traditional practice. Our spiritual leaders are Rabbis Josh and Daria Jacobs-Velde.

We invite you to participate in our vibrant and meaningful classes, services and social gatherings. All of these will help you learn about Judaism and add depth to your life as well as enrich the lives of those you love. At Kol HaEmek, you will have a chance to engage in tikkun olam (repairing the world - communal social action), working together on vital causes within and beyond Mendocino County. Your children will enjoy participating in creative and fun educational programs where they will make new friends and develop their Jewish knowledge and identity.

Mendocino and Lake Counties are large geographical areas, featuring rivers, streams, mountain alluvial valleys, and ranges, located about 100 miles from San Francisco, with low population density and the cleanest air in California.  We are grateful to live and worship amidst such beauty.

The heart is small and embraces the whole wide world. -Yiddish proverb


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